Bringing the Best of Worldwide Entertainment to the Indian Sub Continent.Star Entertainment is India's most reputed & oldest independent English Film Distribution Company since 1989.Star Entertainment has also distributed various animated and live action serials like Mind Your Language; Adventures of TIntin, Bratz, The Asterix Films Collection, Popeye, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy,Classic Fairy Tales including Cinderalla, Robin Hood,Pocahontas besides Samson & Neon, Beyblade, Ganesha, Ghatotkatch, Mahabharata and Cricket highlights.We have also been proud and excited to have imported and distributed award winning programs and films like Kandahar,Looking for Fidel, Oliver Twist, Dr.Zhivago, Cosmos,The BBC produced Shakesphere films, Sacred India and the trilogy of the EVOLUTION OF MAN KIND - A SPECIES ODYSSEY;HOMO SAPIENS;THE RISE OF THE MAN; including several acclaimed educational film programs.

We provide India's Cinemas, Multiplexes, TV Stations & DVD/Video Outlets, New Media inc. Internet, VOD and Mobile with some of the worlds best independent films, animation comedy's, sport specials, documentaries, sitcoms, educational programs carefully sourced from across the world inc. USA, UK, France, Hong Kong, Korea,Canada, Italy, China, South America, Japan & other Countries.

We distribute and represent Films/ Programs from some of the World's best entertainment media companies like Discovery Channel, CJ Entertenment, Carrere Group, Enlightenment Fims, Classic, Cimarron group,Lionsgate, Emperor Motion Pictures, Gaumont, Freemantle Media Enterprises, ITV, Lote Entertainment, Myriad Pictures, Mandarin Films, Studio Canal, Sahamongkol Film International Co. Ltd., Wild Bunch & Huayi Bros. etc.

Till date we have theatrically distributed over 200 feature films and 300 more films for Television in India including. such blockbusters as Asterix & Viking, Basic Instinct, The Carry on Collection of Films,"Dirty Dancing, East is East, Four Weddings & A Funeral, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, GI Jane,Austin Powers in the Gold Member, Hotel Rwanda, IP Man The Real FighterJumanji, King Cobra, LOL (Laughing Out Laud), Outlander, One Man Army aka Ongbak2, Possession, The Party, The Rambo Triology, The Asterix films, Swimming Pool, Rob B Hood, Snake Women, Splice, Terminator2, Tekken & Shaolin etc.

We also have the worlds most loved stars in our collection of International films. We also specialise in dubbing our programs to suit the needs of Indian Regional channels and cinemas.

Brief History
1985: We  pioneered the distribution of Independent English films to India, and were among the first company/s to  import foreign films into India!

1990: we produced our first Hindi feature film-the star studded  “AMMA”

1993:We created "RADIOSTAR" marking the advent of commercial FM radio in India. Were the first to apply for an FM Radio License in India. We were the first private Radio broadcaster to go on air in India broadcasting daily to the city of Bombay-now Known as Mumbai-on 107.1 FM every morning-during prime time! Completed a five-year license period of successful broadcast.

RADIOSTAR has been popularly and critically acclaimed by press and listeners, known for slick and entertaining programming, some of our most popular DJ's now also veejay for MTV and Television. We have produced over 2000 hrs of premixed radio programming already till date. RADIOSTAR also provides international music services & produces customized programmes for Radio stations.

RADIOSTAR has also Produced & sponsored programs for All India Radio, and for several sponsors including Hindustan Lever, Pepsi Co. Mahindra & Mahindra amongst others.

1994-1999 Star Entertainment were also appointed Consultants to the Walt Disney-Modi Joint Venture Company- Modi Films International.
(Exclusive distributors of all Buena Vista Films for India until 1999).

We successfully completed a turnkey project for them to set up and manage for a 3-year period,their nationwide film distribution infrastructure and MIS-THEREBY creating the single biggest film distribution company in India, with over 9 branch offices countrywide.

1995-1997: Represented CINEASIA (the premier Asian cinema trade fair ) to help develop and promote Indian cinema exhibitors participation for renovation and modernizing Indian Cinemas.

2000:We created a Video Licensing and Distribution division, which has become a huge success. Today we control the Video rights of more than 300 independent English titles . This division has also since been extended to distribute Specials, Miniseries, TV Series, Documentaries, Animation, Health, Education, Food and Sports titles

* From 2001 we also expanded the market of English Films in India by dubbing select films into local Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil and Telegu.

* Since 2002, we also became the leading Independent supplier of English feature films, TV serials and Animation to various Indian Television channels including the National and regional channels, by dubbing them into the regional languages.

* In 2003 we launched our Export Division to represent reputed Indian producers to market their product (Feature Films/Animation/Health) worldwide especially through representation at film markets and personal relations built up over the years with leading International Distributors/Agents and TV stations worldwide. We also started licensing and export of films to the neighbouring countries of the Indian subcontinent such as Srilanka, Pakistan  and Bangladesh!

* In 2004, we have been appointed the sole agent for DISCOVERY Channel’s catalogue for the territory of India for their Video catalogues of Kids, Health and Travel & Adventure.

* In 2005 we initiated our first steps with distribution and exploitation of Mobile content, on a revenue sharing basis to promote and exploit quality animation content for which we own mobile content licenses for our territory!

*In 2006, Star Entertainment took a firm decision to explore further opportunities and partner with VAS operators/aggregators for the following new media services inc. Video on Demand, IPTV, Internet and Digital media!

*In 2007 we increased & expanded our Video Catalogue to over 400  Films including new genres and non-fiction including high quality programming on parenting, health, educational, animation, travel and documentaries.

*2008 We invested and acquired increased our content to over 300 foreign films for Television including new & Classics Films, Award Winning and World Films, besides also expanding our animation library to over 400 hours of content. We also acquired non-fiction, educational travel & Lifestyle programs for Television.

*2009 / 2011 We turned our focus on Visual, Big budgeted and more commercial Theatrical Films for Cinema release including ONE MAN ARMY (ONG BAK 2) * Tony Jaa (A High Octane Action Thriller) IP MAN THE FIGHTER * Donnie Yen, SPLICE * Adrian Brody, WUSHU (A Jackie Chan Production) all of which release successfully in India during 2009-10! Our TV licensing areas made significant progress and our films & Programme are now regularly appearing in over 30 top rated Indian Television Stations (inc. English / Hindi / Tamil / Telugu / & Marathi etc.)

*2012 / 2013 We now have one of the Largest Independent Foreign/English Content Library available locally for licensing in India duly censored, for various Media Platforms including theatrical, TV broadcast, Home Video, Hotels, Internet, VOD, Mobile Intract etc, including more than 400 films ( Censored) & 300 hours of TV specials animation,  documentaries  & Lifestyle programming including saveral content which are also dubbed & available in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu Versions.


An Outline About Our Managing Director
Our current Managing Director Mr. Jiten Hemdev Has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, A Bachelor of General Law Degree and is a Diploma Holder of the Miltonian Institute of Leadership Training He has also been awarded a Gold Medal in Banking and Finance by the A.D.Shroff Memorial Institute and is also currently the President of the Foreign Film Chamber of India and is the Chief Executive for the Foreign Film Publicity censor committee of India (appointed by the Government of India)

Management :

Harshita Shetty: (Head – Content Syndication)

Shrani Lalwani: (Acquisition Head)

Shabnam Hemdev:(Acquisitions & PR / Promotions)
She is a commerce graduate from Bombay. She has been with the company since the last 10 years and is responsible for administration, PR & Promotion / Creative activities & also assists acquisition for the company. She is also an experienced & recognised fashion designer in India & has garment collections are exported worldwide.

Ram: (Marketing & Operations Executive)

Dinesh Birade: (Asst. Manager, Import & Censor)

Deepak Sharma: (Storage and Print/Publicity Logistics)

Sanjay Gharat: (site maintenance)


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